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Right place, right time for competition winners

Dawlish & Teignmouth Camera Club’s 2nd Open Competition was expertly judged by Richard Curzon, who earned the accolade of the best judge we’ve had from many of the members.

Richard, from Kingsbridge Camera Club, trained as a competition judge three years ago, however, it was his natural enthusiasm, friendly manner and meticulous research into the subject matters of the photographs that made him stand out.

From the 65 digital images submitted, Richard awarded 14 prizes. The top prize of Gold was shared between first-time Gold award winner, Marc Dunlop, and long-time award winner, Ken Holland.

When asked about the inspiration behind his winning street photography image, As You Like It, Marc said “It was a cold and dark day in Exeter, people were going about their business. The faces of the passengers contrasted with the advert on the bus, which made me lift the camera and shoot. It wasn't until afterwards that I saw all the many faces and expressions of the captured moment. I think it’s a picture you look into, rather than look at. That's why I entered it. It's my first gold and I'm chuffed.”

Ken was also quick to spot an opportunity whilst sat outside a quirky cafe in the Indian quarter of Singapore, on his way back from spending Christmas in Australia with his brother's family. He explained, “The young lady had obviously just had a disagreement with her boyfriend and had gone off to sulk in the corner of an old house painted with every colour available, right opposite the cafe. She stood there for only a few seconds before they got back together again. A happy ending! I was just lucky.”

The other winning images encompassed a variety of genres and the prize winners were:


Marc Dunlop, Ken Holland


Robert Normand, Rob Landberger


Paul Hepple, Bobbie Smith, Dave Hutton, Graham Eteson

Highly Commended

Edward Chorlton, Ken Holland x 2, Marc Dunlop, Alex Rosen, Paul Hepple

Deep in thought © Ken Holland
Deep in thought © Ken Holland
As you like it © Marc Dunlop
As you like it © Marc Dunlop

The Camera Club will be taking a break for the Christmas holidays, but will be starting again on 6 January. If you would like to see more of their photographs, or find out how to join the club visit

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