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Feathers in a dreamcatcher © Leslie Cooper

Feathers in a dreamcatcher © Leslie Cooper

Club constitution

Dawlish & Teignmouth Photographic Club Constitution​

Name : The Club shall be called the Dawlish & Teignmouth Photographic Club.


Aims : The enjoyment of photography in all its aspects.


Affiliations : The Club shall be affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain through the Western Counties Photographic Federation.


Membership :

1.     Any application for membership shall be made through the Club Treasurer and will be subject to the approval of the Club Committee.

2.     Membership categories include; On-Line, Local, Youth & Student and Honorary Life Membership. All of which may be amended from time to time by a two third majority of the membership at any AGM.

3.     Honorary Life Membership may be awarded by the Committee, in agreeance with the Members, to Members who have given exceptional service to the Club.

4.     Any person may be elected as an Honorary Life Member by a two-thirds majority of the Members present at any AGM.

5.     Each member can make full use the Club facilities according to their Membership category and its entitlements. 

6.     Details and entitlements of each category will be published from time to time and as amended.


Club Management Committee (Committee) :


The Committee shall be responsible for the affairs of the Club during their term of office.


1.     The Committee Members shall be elected by a majority vote of the Club Members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Committee shall take office the day following the AGM.

2.     Committee Members shall be elected each year but members shall not normally hold any office for a period of more than 4 years. This period can be extended in exceptional circumstances as judged as necessary by the Committee.

3.     The office bearers, 12 in number, to be elected individually shall be:

a)     Chair

b)     Vice Chair (Chair Elect)

c)     Immediate Past Chair

d)     Secretary

e)     Treasurer

f)      Programme Secretary

g)     Internal Competitions Secretary

h)     External Competitions Secretary

i)      Web Master

j)      Press Secretary

k)     Social Secretary

l)      Two other Members (preferably someone who has joined the Club within the previous two years)


This completes the Management Committee


4.     Where one person is elected to two or more roles, additional general members shall be elected to maintain the Committee at a minimum of 8 members. 


5.     The role of the Chair is central to all Club activities. To ensure consistency, once the Chair stands down, the Member acting as Vice Chair will ideally take the Chair’s role providing always that they are elected at the AGM.


6.     A quorum of the Committee shall be 50% of the Committee Membership (rounded up to the nearest whole number) and any resolution properly presented may be carried by a majority of those Committee Members present. In the event of a tied vote, the Chair shall have the casting vote. 


7.     The Committee will have the power to co-opt members to fill casual vacancies or to help form a working group required for some stated purpose or to assist in some special way. Co-opted members MAY be required to attend meetings to report to the Committee but will NOT be part of the Management Committee of the Club.


8.     The Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancies (including officers who are outside the Committee) that occur between each A.G.M., and to co-opt up to two other voting members and up to two non-voting committee posts.


9.     The Committee shall issue, through its Secretary and by the AGM, a report on its work during its year of office.


10.   The Chair shall be ex officio a member of any working party.


Meetings :

1.     The Chair at any meeting shall rule on all points of order and in the event of a voting tie shall use their vote as a casting vote.

2.     There will be four categories of meetings.                                                

a.      Club Meetings

                                                        i.     A yearly programme of Club Meetings will be produced by Programme Secretary, and approved by the Committee. So far as is possible, excluding public holidays, meetings shall be held weekly from about mid-September to about the end of April. Additional events may be arranged by the Committee.

                                                       ii.     Competitions shall be held for printed images and projected images. Only fully paid up members will be allowed to enter such competitions.

b.     Committee Meetings

                                                        i.     Meetings shall be held at minimum of 6 meetings annually, however these will be directed by the Secretary as the need and Club business arises.

                                                       ii.     The agenda, including motions submitted for discussion, will be published seven days before the meeting. 

                                                     iii.     Copies of Committee Minutes will be made available to Club Members by email if requested.

c.      Annual General Meeting (AGM)

                                                        i.     The purpose, date and time of the AGM shall be transmitted to each and every member not less than fourteen days before the meeting takes place.

                                                       ii.     The AGM will normally be held within one month of the end of the financial year (4th April). 

                                                     iii.     The quorum shall be 25% of paid up Members.

                                                      iv.     The Agenda, including motions submitted for discussion, will be published seven days before the meeting. 

                                                       v.     Motions to be voted upon at the AGM must be notified to the Secretary, in writing, not less than 7 days prior to the date of the meeting.

                                                      vi.     Management Committee Members shall be elected at the AGM and serve for the subsequent year. Nominations, proposed and seconded, and bearing the agreement of the nominee, should be in the hands of the Secretary seven days before the AGM. 

                                                    vii.     The AGM shall consider financial statements prepared by the Treasurer, fix the subscriptions for the subsequent year

                                                   viii.     The AGM shall deal with any matters relating to the Club. 

                                                      ix.     Copies of AGM Minutes will be made available to Club Members by email.

d.     Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) 

                                                        i.     The purpose, date and time of the AGM shall be transmitted to each and every member not less than fourteen days before the meeting takes place.

                                                       ii.     An EGM may be called by the Committee or at the written request of at least 25% of paid up Members. Only the business for which the meeting was called may be discussed. The quorum shall be 15 paid up members.

                                                     iii.     Copies of EGM Minutes will be made available to Members by email.


Subscriptions :


1.     The membership subscription payable for the ensuing year shall be determined by the incoming committee.

2.     New Members will be expected to pay on confirmation of acceptance of membership by the Treasurer.

3.     Subscriptions shall be due at the first meeting of the new season.

4.     Any member whose subscription is two months overdue shall be deemed to have resigned from the Club.


Accounts :


1.     The financial management by the Treasurer will include:

a)     Up to date management of the accounts which will allow status review by the committee as and when required.

b)     External auditing of the accounts prior to the AGM.

c)     The financial year shall be deemed to run from 5th April until 4th April next.

Non Members :

1.     At the discretion of the Chair, Club meetings may be open to the public and an entrance fee may be charged. 

Constitution :

1.     No alteration of the Club Constitution may be made except at the AGM. Two thirds of those present are required to carry the motion 

2.     Any member desiring to propose any alterations in, or addition to the Constitution, may do so by submitting the terms of the motion, in writing, to the Secretary three weeks before the AGM or by requesting an EGM.

3.     In disputes arising over the interpretation of the Constitution, the Committee’s decision will be final. 


Dissolution :


1.     The Club may not be dissolved except on the resolution of not less than two thirds of the members present at the AGM. or an EGM.

2.     In the event of a motion being passed to wind up the Club, Members shall discharge all debts and liabilities of the club. 

3.     Thereafter the remaining assets shall not be paid or distributed amongst members of the Club but shall be distributed to recognized bodies promoting the good of photography as determined at the AGM or EGM.  


Expulsion :


1.     The committee may, on a vote of two thirds of its members (not two-thirds of the members present at a quorate meeting), indicate the withdrawal of all facilities from any member by instructing the Secretary to write to the person to inform them of this decision. No membership fees will be refunded.

2.     Unacceptable behaviour and reasons for expulsion include but is not limited to:

a.      Whilst the Club is conducting its business, using the Club as a platform to express political or religious views, while the Member has the attention of the Club. 

b.     Submitting photographs under the banner of Club that may put the Club under legal or reputational threat.​


Child protection policy of Dawlish & Teignmouth Camera Club​​


1)    Statement of Purpose.

a)     Within this policy a child is defined as a young person under the age of 18 (The Children Act 1989). 

b)    Whilst Dawlish and Teignmouth Camera Club, (other wise referred to as the Club), has had very few young people as members in its thirty year history, the situation could arise where such persons join the Club or participate in its activities. 

c)     The introduction of this Child Protection Policy should therefore highlight the fact that the Club are determined to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to protect from harm, those children and young people who participate in the club’s activities. 

d)    This policy establishes the Club’s position, role and responsibilities and clarifies what is expected from everybody involved within the club. It very clearly highlights the importance placed by the Club in the protection of children and young people. 

e)     Every child and young person who participates in the activities of Dawlish and Teignmouth Camera Club should be able to participate in an enjoyable and safe environment and be protected from abuse. This is the responsibility of every adult involved in this organisation.

f)     We recognise that child abuse is a very emotive and difficult subject, but it is important to understand the feelings involved and not to allow them to interfere with our judgement about any action to be taken. The Club recognises its responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all children and young people by protecting them from physical, sexual or emotional abuse, neglect and bullying. 


2)    Dawlish and Teignmouth Camera Club will ensure that:-  


a)     The welfare of the child is paramount. 

b)    All children, whatever their age, culture, disability, gender, language, racial origin, religious beliefs and/or sexual identity, have the right to protection from abuse.

c)     All suspicions and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately.

d)    All members of this organisation have a responsibility to report concerns to the Chair or Vice Chair. 

e)     A full copy of this policy is available from the club's secretary.

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