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Phone photography


Notes from Jeanette's Zoom talk: 

Apps Jeanette uses:

Snapseed - editing - download the Snapseed notes

Retouch - much better for cloning and deleting objects than 

Image size - great for resizing images (dpi, cm, mm, inches).

Logolicious - great if you want to put your logo on things - absolutely rubbish name!!! - great if you need to remove the background for something (cut out) - Use to upscale your images and keep the detail. 

Clos - iPhone - iPhone/ipad remote shooting

The Shutter App - android remote shooting (controlled by your laptop)

Slow shutter - long exposure app for when I want more than the iPhone’s inbuilt 2 second ‘live’ long exposure

Snapseed (editing). This is the app I use to edit my photos.  There are lots of other ones out there - and if you are happy with using one already, then great.  If you are looking for a good - free - app for phone editing, then I can totally recommend Snapseed.  I have attached some notes re what Snapseed can do which I hope will be helpful.  Within Snapseed itself, there are also some short tutorials which are well worth looking at (three little dots in the top right hand corner when in Snapseed).    The downside of Snapseed is the very basic cloning.  If I want something a bit more precise, I use Retouch, as mentioned below. 


Stick on mirrors. In case anyone is interested, here is the link to the stick on mirrors I mentioned - just in case anyone wants to get creative -  These ones are quite small, but you can get bigger ones too.  


Flash alternatives. Instead of using the flash (which is horrible!!!), I either use this ‘lightsaber’ type fill in ( or this video light  I have also attached a screenshot of the various selfie sticks/tripods that you can get from Amazon.  This isn’t an up to date list, but to be honest they are all pretty much of a muchness.  Just make sure is has the detachable bluetooth remote.    


Tiny people - These guys are pretty good for small people - or Google ’model train set figures’ and lots come up.   Lego figures work just as well too. 


AI and phone image exhibition. You may also be interested in this short article and video about how Nick Knight used AI in his Roses from my Garden Exhibition -  (I wouldn’t be able to do this justice talking about it, so I let Nick talk this through himself and this covers how it was achieved!!!).  


Petapixel. This is the link to the Petapixel video about the ’Shot on iPhone’ advertising campaigns.  Bearing in mind this was recorded in 2017, a lot has changed in the smartphone camera world since then!!!  


Clip on lenset. Lastly, if anyone would like to get one of the clip on lensest, you can get them here (£10 +P&P)   (Great for stocking fillers for Christmas!!!).  Please note that, if anyone has an older phone where the camera lenses go down the middle as opposed to the side, then these aren’t suitable and they will need one with a longer ‘arm’.    There are, of course, plenty of them on Amazon too.  


Smartphone safari. If you would like to have your own Smartphone Safari, our Camera Club Safari price is £25 per person (normal price £45 per person) with a minimum of 10 people booked.  A safari lasts around 2 hours, and you go ‘out and about’ , ending with a cuppa (or a pint!!!) and doing a bit of editing on Snapseed.  With Christmas just around the corner, we also offer gift vouchers that can be redeemed for any of our locations listed (except Manchester and Cheltenham) and are valid for 12 months. 

Screenshot of phone apps
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