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Five tell a story

Tony Wilson and Ken Holland with their winning panel of prints

Tony Wilson and Ken Holland with their winning panel of prints

Dawlish and Teignmouth Camera Club held their annual Panel Competition recently.

This much-anticipated competition sets the bar a little higher as five images need to be produced together.

Members could choose to submit prints, or digital images – the difference being that prints allow the whole story to be seen at once, whereas digital images are shown sequentially.

The difficult task of judging them fell to Dartmouth photographer, Ginny Campbell LRPS, who has been very successful in her own right with a Panel for the Royal Photographic Society.

A diverse range of subjects was covered, including portraits of artists and musicians; wildlife and their habitats; Carnival characters; and life on the streets of Cuba and Kolkata.

Ginny explained what she looks for in a successful panel and her feedback on each one was encouraging and constructive. The Club’s Programme Secretary, Barry Holmes, warmly thanked her for doing such a great job.

Print Panel results:

Gold – Tony Wilson, Ken Holland

Silver – Leslie Cooper, Bob Kethro,

Bronze – Howard Sheard, Dave Hutton, Nigel West

Digital Panel results:

Gold – Ken Holland, Barry Holmes, Tejas Earp

Silver – Howard Sheard, Bob Kethro

Bronze - Paul Hepple, Ken Redshaw

The Club meets on a Wednesday evening at Holcombe Village Hall and new members are very welcome. Find out more about the Dawlish & Teignmouth Camera Club here.

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