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Week four: Moving to Lightroom

This my first opportunity to use Lightroom Mobile whilst travelling. So far so good!

I am using my Sony 6500 largely for telephoto shots and my iPhone for everything else.

Lightroom is very happy to import images from the camera's memory card whether it attached to my iPhone or my iPad. But it takes time to read each image which is a bit of a pain but manageable.  It instantly reads RAW images from the iPhone.

There is, of course, a but….  

iPhoto uploads images to the cloud, so one really needs to use Lightroom before the images are uploaded or it takes a while to download them etc etc. 

Once Lightroom ‘sees’ an image you need to process the picture before it uploads it to Adobe Cloud. This suits me because one of my main reasons for using Lightroom is to avoid having to sort through all the images of a trip when I get home. If you don’t process the image it forgets it’s seen it! This way, I only select my ‘best’ pictures. (However, it’s also handy to delete both the selected images and the rejects from either your phone or the SD card).

I know that sounds complicated but in reality it’s just a question of getting used to a new routine. 

Although it is only March, the Canary Islands are so far south, and so dry (next to Saharan Africa) that daytime often brings harsh lighting with huge contrast between sunlight and shadows. 

This photo of El Golfo in El Hierro is a good example:

El Golfo in El Hierro by Nigel West
El Golfo in El Hierro by Nigel West

The white of the waves needed highlights reducing whilst the black lava had to have shadows boosting.  It was easiest to do this using masking rather than making global changes. 

On the other hand, this photo of Les roques on La Gomera just needed general changes (a bit of texture and clarity with a smigeon of dehaze.

Les roques on La Gomera by Nigel West
Les roques on La Gomera by Nigel West

It did however have some concrete blocks which Lightroom kindly removed!

On a slightly different note, I am finding that my iPhone is the first port of call rather than my camera. I’m hoping that, when I get home, II won’t be disappointed by the quality.

Whatever the result, I’ll share it with you.




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