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Week Three: Moving from Lightroom Classic to Lightroom

Updated: Mar 16

I promise to add some photos to this blog just as soon as I can. However, this week has been ‘delete’ week.  I realised that 120 000 images was just too much and that, at 1.4 TB, it would cost me a fortune to store it in the cloud.  


Phase 1 was a big weed, deleting 8000+ images that I would never have looked at again. That did take a very long time.


Phase 2 (Lightbulb moment) If I just removed all the photos taken pre-2018 from Lightroom Classic – they would still be on my drive.  The way lightroom mobile works- it could still see them even if Classic could not.  This was an almost instant process. In about two hours, my catalogue was down to 60 000 images, still a lot but manageable.


When I return to Dawlish, I will ‘migrate’ my Classic Catalogue (the new thin version) to Lightroom.


So, for the next few weeks, I will be using Lightroom on my ipad to store and process images, rather than struggle with cataloguing. What a relief!

And just to prove there has been some sun this week...

Photograph of sunshine on the sea wall by Nigel West
Sunshine on the sea wall @Nigel West

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