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Week Two: Moving from Lightroom Classic to Lightroom

Updated: Feb 25

Some years ago, when my children had just left home, we left home too. Just to make sure they couldn’t come back! This started a process of clearing up, giving away and disposing of 25 years’ worth, and more, of accumulated ‘stuff’ as we moved into a small rented top floor flat close to where we worked. Four years later we repeated the exercise, reducing our worldly possessions to six tea chests. One of the tea chests subsequently went missing- although we still can’t remember what was in it- so important were the contents.

I have 1.4 tb of images in Lightroom Classic on my desktop, plus a backup drive just to make sure I don’t lose any of these priceless works of art. I have decided to move to Lightroom (cloud) where I have 1 tb of cloud storage.

I have two options. Split the collection in two and keep half on hard drive and half in the cloud or delete half or more of my collection. I need to do this now because moving Lightroom Classic to Lightroom is best done by transferring the whole of the catalogue to the cloud.

I will still have a back-up on a hard drive to which all new images will be added by Lightroom. What I cannot reasonably do is to keep both programmes running in parallel.

Last week I took some images around Dawlish which were uploaded to Lightroom.

I easily processed them on my ipad. …….

They appeared on Lightroom Classic three days later.


I’m not entirely sure why they were delayed but it made me make up my mind. I need to go for Lightroom (in the cloud) and to move away from Lightroom Classic. It’s the only way I will be able to access everything on all my devices.

Meanwhile, I am working through a course by Brian Maltiash ( on making the transition. I have a feeling that this may take a while!


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