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Chairman's Challenge

This week it was the turn of members themselves to become judges when Dawlish & Teignmouth Photographic Club held the annual chairmans challenge.

An evening of two sessions, both colour and black & white, the subjects were chairs, and places.

Whilst not considered by some to be the most inspiring photographic subjects, the screened digital images of chairs proved that with some imagination and thought an excellent result may be achieved. Members enthusiastically rose to the challenge producing a wide variety of images, wheelchairs, deckchairs, train seats, shadows and reflections, cafe chairs and street benches.

The second half of the evening featured prints of places.

Namibia © Kevin McDonagh
Namibia © Kevin McDonagh

Each photographer put their own interpretation on the subject, a seal in his favourite rocky place, landscapes, the milky way in Namibia and some composites blending several images to produce something with a difference.

After much deliberation the results were;

Chairs - Colour digital

1st = Tony Wilson, Chairs with a view

2nd - Kevin McDonagh

3rd Alex Rosen

Chairs - Black & White digital

1st - They said it might rain, Bobby Smith

2nd - Rob Landberger

3rd - Eddie Holden

Places - Colour Prints

1st - Namibia, Kevin McDonagh

2nd - Sally Landberger

3rd - Tony Wilson

Places - Black & White Prints

1st - Kevin McDonagh, Dartmoor

2nd - Ken Holland

3rd - Sally Landberger

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