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Travels with a camera

Chris Marsham at the Dawlish & Teignmouth Camera Club

Members of Dawlish and Teignmouth camera club embarked on a worldwide tour on wednesday evening when Chris Marsham paid a visit.

Chris is an experienced photographer having several times been a finalist in the Wanderlust Travel Photographer of the Year as well as exhibiting his work internationally.

Arriving in Czechoslovakia at the time of the russian invasion in 1968 he took images of Russian tanks and convoys, also images of Prague, returning many years later to record the differences over time.

On to Bulgaria with it'smountains , the Danube and its colourfully clad peoples.

During his two years in South America, teaching biology, Mike visited Colombia with its tradition of growing coffee and sugar cane, recording the local architecture, exotic plants and colourful birds, the Andes, Amazon and local tribespeople. We also heard the story of a Devon lad, who in the mid 19th century, aged just 17, travelled with missionaries and settled in Argentina.

Bolivia was rich in silver mines in the 19th century and a special railway wasconstructed to carry the goods, the highest in the world, now sadly a graveyard for rusting engines and machinery.

On to cooler climes, Antarctica , where the ship Chris was travelling on became trapped in the ice for days, enabling some stunning photography of the ice sculpted landscape and Emperor Penguins, then to south Georgia and the Falkland Islands, home of king penguins.

Travelling again, this time to Ladakh in the Himalayas, his camera captured images of soaring mountains and deep valleys, monasteries perched high on lofty peaks, monks and religious festivals, with colourful costumes and masks.

Closer to home members were treated to the beautiful scenery of the Lake District, water, forests and snow-capped hills all captured in the mid winter sunshine.

The evening ended in Salamanca, Spain, with its traditional Easter parades, costumes from the beautiful to the bizarre with thousands of local people taking part in the celebrations.

Nigel West thanked Mr Marsham for a truly inspiring presentation.

Visitors are always given a warm welcome - find out more on our website

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