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Judge snowed under with entries

Photographic judge, Brian Northmore, who is a member of the Plymouth Camera Club did an excellent job of judging the 5th Open Competition for the Dawlish and Teignmouth Camera Club.

With over 67 prints to consider – a surprising number of which were of wintry scenes from the recent ‘Beast from the East’ - Brian was literally snowed under with entries. Like a true professional, he gave each one a personal critique with praise for composition and story-telling, and, where appropriate, suggestions for how a photo could be even stronger or more pleasing to the eye.

Brian, who has an impressive gallery of work himself in landscape photography used his self deprecating humour to highlight how he would love to take certain pictures, but couldn’t do them as well as some he judged on the night.

Ken Holland from the Camera Club finished the evening by quoting the qualities and skills that are necessary to be a judge – enthusiastic, entertaining, constructive and concise - and how Brian had ticked every box.


Standard Category – Coloured Prints

1st – Tejas Earp

2nd – Tejas Earp

3rd – Denise Searle

Standard Category – Mono Prints

1st – Leslie Cooper

2nd – Alison Jenkins

3rd – Gwynneth Chubb

Highly Commended – Leslie Cooper

Advanced Category – Coloured Prints

1st - Tony Wilson

2nd – Nigel West

3rd – Jean King

Highly Commended – Nigel West

Advanced Category – Mono Prints

1st – Tony Wilson

2nd – Ken Holland

3rd – Paul Lawson

Highly Commended – Paul Lawson

©Alison Jenkins

Alison Jenkins with her black and white print of New York

Tony Wilson, Paul Lawson, Denise Searle, Judge Brian Northmore, Leslie Cooper, Ken Holland, Gwynneth Chubb, Tejas Earp

We will soon be taking a break for the summer and re-starting in September. If you are interested in joining, see our 2018/19 programme here or contact us for more details.

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