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The Extraordinary Ordinary

A real treat was in store for Dawlish and Teignmouth Photographic Club when Simon Caplan LRPS, a member of Bristol photographic society paid a visit.

With his entertaining presentation, Simon demonstrated his extraordinary talent for photographing ordinary everyday objects in his own unique way, finding pictures in unexpected places often missed by others.

Concentrating on the abstract, patterns, shapes and symmetry, the prints and images were filled with startling colours and textures in rusty iron, peeling paint, pieces of industrial machinery and buildings set against carefully chosen backgrounds.

Other specialities included landscapes, particularly woodlands and water, artisan craftspeople at work, and the small details found within churches, chapels and cathedrals, docks and harbours, derelict industrial sites and junkyards.

An inspirational speaker, Simon instilled club members with the enthusiasm to try out new techniques and find pictures in obscure places

Here is our joining information and all are given a warm welcome.

Simon Caplan LRPS showing some of his prints
Simon Caplan LRPS showing some of his prints

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