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Spring Cleaning your Image Bank

My collection of images, about 90 000 of them, is the electronic version of the house of a hoarder who cannot bear to throw away anything they acquire. 

In my defence, I have deleted at least 10 % plus since last year and I haven’t added to the pile.

And, yer honour, all of them are in appropriate folders and most are keyworded so there is some possibility of finding a missing photo.

The question now arises about where these images can be safely stored and retrieved after Armageddon (or a house fire).

Most are backed up to Flickr but I started before I sorted so - that’s more like a last ditch pile than a useful archive. 

I have them on two hard drives at home, one drive being a backup of the other, with each in a different room. 

The search is now on for a secure cloud backup service that neither costs the earth nor has unusual characteristics (e.g. apple iCloud which deletes everywhere when you delete in one place (thanks Apple)).

It would help if I could persuade lightroom/photoshop to automatically store there (but Adobe Cloud is really expensive).

What are your suggestions?  

I will put the best suggestions and comments on the website.

I can’t be the only messy person in the club!

Nigel West

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