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Live from Mexico

This week Dawlish & Teignmouth Photographic Club held their first meeting of 2023. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology members enjoyed an unusual presentation live from Mexico.

John P Stones uses the local forest and countryside surrounding his remote home as a

dramatic backdrop to his amazing photographs.

Using models wearing the traditional tribal costumes , feathers and warpaint , John recreates the rituals and ceremonies of the Mexica indigenous people who were rulers of the Aztec empire prior to being conquered by the Spanish Invaders.

He strives to produce images which tell a story rather than traditional portraits, using a smoke machine to create the atmosphere he is aiming for.

His pictures of models acting out bare knuckle wrestling conveyed the power and strength of the participants against a background of gritty grey surroundings, displaying the sweat glistening on muscular bodies, and angry facial expressions, again the use of smoke enhancing the atmosphere.

A passionate and inspiring photographer, John gave his audience plenty to think about and was an excellent start to the new year.

Mexica warrior © John P Stones
Mexica warrior © John P Stones

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