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An Eye to the Hills

Despite the inclement weather, members of Dawlish & Teignmouth Photographic Club gathered on Wednesday evening to welcome Pedro Landers with his presentation of the varied landscapes and wildlife during his ten years of living and working in the pacific NW of America.

His audience were taken on a journey through the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, a playground for Pedro during his climbing days, a glimpse into vast dramatic vistas.

This was followed by spectacular sunsets and sunrises , seascapes, landscapes, including shipwrecks and derelict farms claimed by the elements.

The region has diverse flora and fauna, snow geese, eagles , owls, frogs, snakes, butterflies and dragonflies, all captured beautifully by the camera lens.

Pedro also travelled to New England, with its flaming autumn display and Bryce Canyon, a world of sandstone sculpted by wind and weather into surreal shapes and patterns.

An inspirational presentation enjoyed by all.

Pedro Landers
Pedro Landers
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