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Many Happy Awards

The new Mayor of Teignmouth, Robert Phipps, with the winning members of the Dawlish & Teignmouth Camera Club for their end of season finale, the Awards Evening.

The new Mayor of Teignmouth, Robert Phipps, together with his wife Karen, were warmly welcomed by members of the Dawlish & Teignmouth Camera Club for their end of season finale, the Awards Evening.

The event got off to a great start with an uplifting digital presentation of images that had featured throughout the year, showcasing the variety of topics and photography styles that had been used.

In a buzz of excitement, Competitions Secretary, Dave Hutton, then read out the names of those members with the highest performance scores achieved through their successes in the print and digital competitions over the past eight months. These achievements were then recognised with a personally engraved medal for each of the awarding categories and handed out by the Mayor.

The trophy winners are as follows:

Mono Print of the Year

Bronze – Tony Wilson

Silver – Ken Holland

Gold – Denise Searle

Colour Print of the Year

Bronze – Jackie Ridley, Howard Sheard

Silver – Nigel West, Tony Wilson, Ernie King, Kevin McDonagh

Gold – Barbara Ferrity, Bob Normand, Bob Kethro, Ken Holland

Digitally Projected Image of the Year

Bronze – Denise Searle, Gwynneth Chubb

Silver – Gwynneth Chubb, Tony Wilson, Edward Chorlton, Peter Sillifant, Kevin McDonagh

Gold – Ken Holland, Barry Homes, Dave Hutton

Panel Competition – Prints

Bronze – Dave Hutton, Nigel West, Howard Sheard

Silver – Leslie Cooper, Bob Kethro

Gold – Tony Wilson, Ken Holland

Panel Competition – Digital

Bronze – Ken Redshaw, Paul Hepple

Silver – Bob Kethro, Howard Sheard

Gold – Tejas Earp, Ken Holland, Barry Holmes

Most Imaginative Photographer

Ken Holland

Most Improved Photographer

Leslie Cooper, Elaine Smerdon

Tony Wilson Members Choice Award (Best picture)

Kevin McDonagh – Sunrise at Callanish

(Previous winner for 2018 was Bob Normand)

Overall Performance Awards:

Mono Prints

Bronze – Kevin McDonagh, Edward Chorlton

Silver – Tony Wilson

Gold – Ken Holland

Colour Prints

Bronze – Paul Hepple

Silver – Bob Normand, Tony Wilson, Howard Sheard

Gold – Leslie Cooper, Barry Holmes

Digitally Projected Image

Bronze – Howard Sheard, Dave Hutton

Silver – Tony Wilson

Gold – Bobbie Smith

After the Awards ceremony new Chair, Naomi Stolow, thanked the Mayor for doing a great job and everyone enjoyed some food and drink to celebrate.

To keep in touch during the summer months the club meets most Wednesdays in the Castle Inn at 8pm - all are welcome. You can contact us here.

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