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Having fun with photography

John Perriam with some of his prints

John Perriam with some of his prints

Members of the Dawlish & Teignmouth Camera Club were given an insight into the creative mind of John Perriam through his extraordinary photography and audio-visual presentations.

John, a retired civil engineer, has developed his photography skills over the past 40 years and is a member of both Exeter Camera Club and Exmouth Photo Group. Although he was very self-effacing about his work, his credentials show he has achieved Distinction Awards from the Photographic Alliance and the Royal Photographic Society.

John’s passion for all types of photography was clear to see, ranging from elegant winter scenes of tree silhouettes to outrageous character portraits at a Gothic event in Whitby.

But it was his sense of fun in what he created that instigated spontaneous rounds of applause after each presentation. From the exercise of dropping dye into water, or capturing the swirls of smoke from Josticks, John created his own ‘alien’ characters for his tongue-in-cheek AV shows.

A club spokesman said it was a most enjoyable evening, which inspired people to have a go at something different, but above all to have fun with their photography.

The Camera Club boasts a diverse range of guest speakers in its programme and if you are interested in joining, see the calendar for more details.

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