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Land and sea with Linda Weevil

Members of Dawlish and Teignmouth camera club knew they were in for a treat when Linda Wevill FRPS paid a visit to show and talk about her amazing pictures.

Linda moved to Devon over 20 years ago and is passionate about capturing images of the sea and landscapes surrounding us.

She has exhibited in Bath, London and Edinburgh , was commended in the Landscape Photographer of the Year 2013 and has gained medals in international salons and exhibitions around the world.

Travelling the coast from Bigbury in the south to the Isle of Harris in the north she has captured the sea in all its moods - tumultuous waves displaying the fury of winter storms with fast shutter speeds and slow capturing the action.

Linda will happily get up at dawn to photograph the sun rising through the early morning mist (the Island of Harris being one of her favourite locations with its white sands) and she captures the movement of the sea and marram grass using a slow shutter speed creating ethereal and haunting images of stunning beauty.

Another favourite subject is trees and she uses her camera in unique ways to create pictures with a difference. For example she showed her journeys through unique images of avenues of woodland and fruit orchards in France.

Linda also zooms in on the patterns created by fast running streams and rivers flowing and swirling around rocks, enjoying the patterns left in sand by the receding tide, and reflections on wet beaches. All expertly captured through her lens displaying the beauty that surrounds us.

Naomi Stolow thanked Linda for a truly inspiring evening.

New members and visitors are always given a warm welcome! For more information see what's on or just drop in to Holcombe village hall on Wednesday evenings by 7.30 pm and you can find our address and contact here.

Linda Weevil beside some of her prints

Linda Weevil beside some of her prints

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