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The power of black & white

Dawlish and Teignmouth Camera Club members were treated to an evening of inspirational presentations by the Black, White and Monochrome Group; a sub-group of the prestigious Exeter Camera Club.

The group shared images from their various outings, which included the Royal William Yard, Plymouth and Exeter University and explained how the use of black and white photography involves more than just converting a colour photo – it takes an understanding of which scenes will work better in black and white to create drama and emotion and how this palette is particularly strong for capturing architectural detail and street scenes.

Another member shared images and memories of her family trips to Hayle in Cornwall, which spanned six generations and evoked an interesting social history of those times.

And finally, the bounds of reality were truly pushed when Richard shared his particular brand of creativity with staged composite images.

Members showed their appreciation with a round of applause and left inspired to try their own black and white imagery.

Dave, Mac, Steve, Jenny, Martin, Richard & Graham

Dave, Mac, Steve, Jenny, Martin, Richard & Graham

© Richard Sercombe

© Richard Sercombe

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