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An entertaining evening with Sheila

Dawlish & Teignmouth Camera Club members were treated to an enthralling evening with guest speaker, Sheila Haycox, ARPS, MPAG/AV, EFIAP

Sheila spent the first half of the evening showing over 100 of her printed images across a variety of subjects - landscapes from Yorkshire, Cornwall and Asia; wildlife from a trip to Botswana and Costa Rica; sporting events including the International Jet Skiers Championships and a Roller Derby; and shared her particular brand of creativity with an amusing set of abstract images about an elephant on an adventure!

After the break, Sheila presented some of her digital audio-visual sequences, which ranged from a documentary style piece about Loch Ewe and its part in the Second World War, to a heart-warming tale about her personal connection to Venice.

Members showed their appreciation of a thoroughly enjoyable evening with a round of applause and left inspired.

Sheila Haycox, ARPS, MPAG/AV, EFIAP

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