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The tale of a memory card of photographic nirvana

My first 2 week photographic holiday to Myanmar began in February with great anticipation, apprehension and excitement!

Equipped with essential camera and kit I arrived in Yangon, the capital, a couple of days early to acclimatise.

During the holiday sunrises rolled into sunsets with an accumulation of some interesting captured moments.

Our last location was Lake Inle, a place of fishermen who manoeuvre their boats with one leg wound around an or and a basket net in both their hands. Quite ingenious!

All packed we flew back to Yangon for a day before our return flight to the UK. Whilst rearranging my case and camera equipment I discovered to my utter horror that I had left my 32g memory card in the safe at the previous hotel...

Desperate phone calls followed by commiserations from my fellow travellers. The manager could not look in the safe until guests had left.

.... 2 days of acute suicidal anxiety followed...

An email from the hotel manager arrived on the 4th day after my return home to say my memory card had been found. Hallelujah!!! But now for arrangements to get it returned safely to the UK.. I wondered how.

In Myanmar the postal system is unreliable, there is no courier system unless someone travels to Yangon - with an hours flights and associated costs AND only when there is a valid reason for an employee to visit the capital can my most valuable cargo be trusted to be sent by DHL

After two agonising months I finally received news that my memory card was being safely carried by someone, but to France! Agony!

A phone call from France on 2nd May gave me the best news of seeing my photos again and on 4th May I had a call from DHL asking for conformation of my postcode and name - which made me want to SCREAM!

I finally held the package in my hands at lunchtime on Friday 5th May!

Sunrise to sunset - a photographic nirvana

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