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Namaste! A photographic tour of India


Members of Dawlish and Teignmouth camera club were taken on a visual tour of India on Wednesday evening.

Organised by Naomi Stolow and introduced by Nigel West several fellow members shared their experiences of India, highlighting what a vibrant busy country it is with their photographs showing the extreme contrasts of wealth and poverty within the wonderfully rich culture.

We saw an abundance of wildlife including tigers, monkeys, water buffalo and exotic birds, as well as the sacred cows which roam freely in the towns and villages and the working camels in the desert, many photographed by Nigel West.

Ken Holland shared his holiday in Sri Lanka with its numerous Buddahs, stupas, tea, coconut and banana plantations, paddy fields and its many ancient remains including the daunting Lion rock. Vibrant markets displayed an array of fruit vegetables and locally caught fish.

During the course of her working life with a well known cosmetics company Naomi had reason to visit India on several occasions. During these visits she became involved with BBA (Bachpan Bachao Andolan), an NGO organisation dedicated to banishing child labour. She showed images of small children, some as young as 6 years old having to work in illegal mica mines. Some happier pictures showed the same chilren at school since being rehabilitated and enjoying a much better life with a good future thanks to the BBA.

Stephen Mosedale, Barry Holmes, Gwynneth Chubb and Tejas Earp followed with some stunning images of the Taj Mahal, local weddings, portraits, street scenes and even the funeral ghats on the banks of the Ganges.

Members also enjoyed a taste of India with savoury snacks and some delicious Diwali sweets hand-made by Leslie Cooper

Ken Holland, Naomi Stolow, Nigel West, Gwynneth Chubb, Stephen Mosedale, Barry Holmes

Pictured left to right: Ken Holland, Naomi Stolow, Nigel West, Gwynneth Chubb, Stephen Mosedale, Barry Holmes

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