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Macro photography

On wednesday evening Dawlish and Teignmouth camera club were entertained by fellow member Barry Holmes FRPS.

An expert in the field of close up photography Barry had a host of helpful tips on the different methods of achieving the perfect macro image, close up filters, extension rings, dedicated macro lenses as well as some innovative ideas of his own.

He specialises in photographing insects and members were shown amazingly detailed images of creepy crawlies, earwigs, wasps, bees and some beautiful studies of the eyes and wings of insects resulting in abstract patterns.

Other pictures showed droplets of water and bubbles reflecting the world in miniature.

During the second half the club were treated to some spectacular landscapes, the aurora borealis in Iceland, images from Canada, India and Africa, finishing off with portraits of people of different races and creeds.

Alison Crowter thanked Barry for an interesting and informative evening for all to think about and learn from.

The club meets every wednesday evening at Holcombe Village Hall and anyone with an interest in photography is welcome.

Pictured - Barry Holmes and his incredibly detailed photograph of an earwig

Barry Holmes FRPS with his detailed photograph of an earwig

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