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My thoughts on the new website

Here are some of my thoughts about the new website.

I’d like to give Naomi absolutely top marks for putting this site together. So, well done indeed, Naomi – we have a modern, clean, appealing site that many other clubs will envy.

As some of you may know, I’ve been involved with website production on and off since the 1990s. I have commissioned websites and also created many myself. I really admire a site like this one, that comes across so clearly and appealingly. The creation of a website takes a lot of time and effort, particularly in the initial stages, but the ongoing development of a website is crucial.

A website is NEVER FINISHED. The future of our site depends on members making suggestions and interacting with it and helping Naomi keep everything up to date. Hence, this first blog post from me in the hope that many other members’ posts will follow.

The website belongs to the club and is both an advert for us and a means of sharing ideas, images, and good practice. We have a great platform now so let’s all help to make it work.

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