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Bangers and flash!

Sharing an interest in photography is a good reason to join the Dawlish and Teignmouth Camera Club, but there is also the added benefit of various social occasions.

During the summer break members have been keeping in touch with each other with weekly pub nights and, more recently enjoyed a fun and food-filled evening with their annual summer barbecue. There was plenty of chatter as people shared stories of their travels to far flung places, as well as to various local events trying to capture that special shot.

Bob Clowes manning the barbecue.  Photo © Peter Sillifant

Bob Clowes manning the barbecue. Photo © Peter Sillifant

The Camera Club starts back on Wednesday 26th September at Holcombe Village Hall with the Chairman's Welcome Evening and includes a session on preparing images - for printing, online and competitions.

New members are very welcome. Anyone who is interested can come along and try it out for free for their first two sessions.

See our new season calendar for more details.

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